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More than 32,000 Americans lose their lives to gun violence each year. There have been 150 school shootings since Sandy Hook. Yet the NRA has obstructed even the most basic efforts to curb gun violence.

But in California, we can defeat the NRA in 2016 by going straight to voters through an historic ballot initiative. To win, we need your help.

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Statewide Ballot Initiative Co-Authored with the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence Outlaws Large-Capacity Magazines, Requires Background Checks for Ammunition Purchases and Reporting of Lost and Stolen Firearms

Sacramento, CA – October 15 – Today Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom announced that he will lead the "Safety for All" Initiative, a package of commonsense gun reforms requiring instant background checks for purchases of ammunition, strengthening background checks for gun purchases, prohibiting possession of large detachable military-style magazines, and requiring the immediate surrender of firearms for people convicted of serious and violent crimes.

"With 150 school shootings since Newtown and many more mass shootings devastating communities across our state and nation, it is time to say enough is enough," said initiative proponent and California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom. "The Safety for All initiative will save lives by making it much harder for dangerous people to get guns and ammunition in California."

"We were proud to work with Lieutenant Governor Newsom to develop the Safety for All initiative, which will give Californians the security of the toughest background check law in the nation," said Robyn Thomas, Executive Director of the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. "For decades, California has been leading the country through the passage of smart gun laws that save lives, and this initiative continues that leadership by keeping guns and ammunition out of the wrong hands."

Founded in the wake of the 1993 assault weapon massacre at 101 California Street, the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence is now the premier resource for legal expertise and information regarding firearms policy. The Law Center's attorneys track and analyze gun laws in all 50 states, file amicus briefs in critical Second Amendment cases, and work with lawmakers and advocates to promote smart gun laws that save lives.

The initiative will appear on the 2016 California ballot with the following provisions:

  1. Prohibits Possession of Large-Capacity Military-Style Magazines: The Safety for All initiative outlaws possession of large-capacity magazines of 11 rounds or more and provides for their legal disposal. If passed, California would join New York, New Jersey, Hawaii and The District of Columbia in banning possession of these military-style clips.
  2. Treats Ammunition Sales Like Gun Sales: The initiative requires licensing of ammunition vendors and point-of-sale background checks for ammunition purchases. Under the initiative, if a person is convicted of a felony, a violent misdemeanor, has a restraining order or has been declared dangerously mentally ill, they will no longer be able to buy ammunition in California. California would be the first state to require background checks at point of sale.
  3. Ensures People Prohibited from Owning Guns Do Not Possess Them: The initiative defines a clear firearms relinquishment process for those convicted of a felony or a violent misdemeanor.
  4. Requires Reporting Lost or Stolen Guns: The initiative requires firearm owners to notify law enforcement if their firearm has been lost or stolen. With the Safety for All initiative, California would join 11 other states and the City of Sacramento requiring lost and/or stolen firearm reporting.
  5. Shares Data with Federal System on Prohibited People: The initiative mandates that California share data with the FBI/NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System).


Elected Officials

  • U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer
  • U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein
  • California Secretary of State Alex Padilla
  • Assembly Speaker Emeritus Toni Atkins
  • Speaker Emeritus of the California State Assembly John Pérez
  • Assemblymember Evan Low, 28th Assembly District (Silicon Valley)
  • Assemblymember Matthew Dababneh, 45th Assembly District (Encino)
  • Mayor Sam Liccardo, San Jose
  • Mayor Libby Schaaf, Oakland
  • Mayor Ed Lee, San Francisco
  • Mayor Helene Schneider, Santa Barbara
  • Mayor Gary Phillips, San Rafael
  • Mayor Carol Dutra-Vernaci, Union City
  • Mayor Sue Digre, Pacifica
  • Mayor Erin Tollini, Tiburon
  • Mayor Barry Chang, Cupertino
  • Mayor Jim Ruane, San Bruno
  • Mayor Bill Kampe, Pacific Grove
  • Mayor Pete Sanchez, Suisun City
  • Mayor Donna Rutherford, East Palo Alto
  • Mayor Catherine Way, Larkspur
  • Mayor Lindsey Horvath, West Hollywood
  • Mayor Bao Nguyen, Garden Grove
  • District Attorney George Gascón, San Francisco County
  • District Attorney Nancy O'Malley, Alameda County
  • District Attorney Jeff Rosen, Santa Clara County
  • Sheriff Vicki Hennessy, San Francisco
  • Los Angeles City Council
  • San Francisco Board of Education
  • San Francisco Board of Supervisors
  • Police Chief Tricia Seyler, Belvedere
  • San Francisco Police Commission President Suzy Loftus
  • Cities

  • The City of Belvedere
  • The City of Berkeley
  • The City of Cupertino
  • The City of East Palo Alto
  • The City of Oakland
  • The City of Petaluma
  • The City of San Francisco
  • The City of Tiburon
  • The City of West Hollywood
  • Organizations

  • Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence (Partner)
  • California American College of Emergency Physicians
  • California American College of Physicians
  • California Democratic Party
  • California Federation of Teachers
  • California League of Women Voters
  • California Young Democrats
  • Cleveland School Remembers
  • Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice
  • Coalition Against Gun Violence - A Santa Barbara County Coalition
  • Committee of Interns and Residents, SEIU Healthcare
  • Courage Campaign
  • Orange County Citizens for the Prevention of Gun Violence
  • Rabbis Against Gun Violence
  • San Francisco Medical Society
  • SEIU California
  • Southern California Public Health Association
  • States United to Prevent Gun Violence
  • Stop Handgun Violence
  • Stop Our Shootings
  • Women Against Gun Violence
  • Youth Alive!